We raised a commercial herd of mixed breed cows until 2009, when we sold most of our cows and downsized.  During this time, we spent many hours looking into diversifying and changing our operation.  We soon found out about Speckle Park Cattle and with research and talking to other breeders, we decided that this breed was a great choice to specialize in and take our farming operation into another era. We purchased four Speckle Park commercial heifers in the fall of 2009.  We were really impressed by these heifers and this intrigued our interest even more. 

In 2010, we started our search for more breeding stock.  With the help of other breeders, we have developed a small herd of these wonderful animals.  Most of our cow herd consists of Registered Speckle Park cattle. We have about 40 registered females now and plan to get to 50 head. Our bloodlines focus on foundation/traditional style females; and we breed these cows to some of the best bull bloodlines in the Speckle Park world today.  Our commitment is to raise Quality Functional cattle bred to stand the test of time, these cattle have to have balance, not extremes.  We want to produce cattle that work in the show ring , in the pasture and on the hook; and to do that, they need to be well balanced animals. Our ambition is to consistently raise quality, trouble free Speckle Park cattle with ability to gain well and produce fantastic beef.

We are getting to the point now where we can supply new and current breeders with a few cattle every year.  We offer QUALITY Registered Yearling & Mature Speckle Park BULLS in the spring to ranchers/farmers, at reasonable breeding market prices.  We then offer in the FALL some of our BREEDING FEMALES and/or replacement heifer calves. If you are interested in our cattle, contact us, we may just have exactly what you are looking for!

We continue to have about 10-12 commercial Speckle Park cows and we are using these cows for a Reproduction Technology Program.  We have been collecting semen from our HERD BULL and also flushing some of our proven COWS and then putting these embryos in our commercial recipient females.

We have occasionally attended purebred shows and carcass competitions/events/analysis with our registered cattle.  We are also working on establishing a reputation as sound, honest Speckle Park breeders and breeders who promote the breed to other farmers and ranchers.  Since becoming established as Speckle Park breeders (2010), we have been trying to keep statistics on our small herd of cattle.  So far we have had a birth to weaning average daily rate of gain of 2.75 lbs/day WITHOUT creep feeding. We are also in the process of collecting GENOMIC DATA on our herd.  We will be testing for Leptin, PMCH, IGF2, CRH, Coat Color, Polled status, and participating in the AAFC Genomic Prediction Trial that looks closely at Feed Efficiency and Carcass Quality. We are also striving to get as much phenotypical stats as possible on our herd as well.

If you are in our area and want to come take a look at what Speckle Park cattle are like or chat about this great breed of cattle, we welcome visitors...just call us before you come at (780) 593-2143 or call/text (780) 58-4108 (Deb) or (780)603-1399 (Sharon).